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Production Stills

Länsförsäkringar Commercial

by DDB House

Länsförsäkringar is a leading Swedish brand for insurance, pension, and banking. This national commercial, produced by DDB House, tells the story of a young man whose life changes drastically from partying with his friends to having a newborn. The tagline goes "the party never stops"

by Yussef El Guindi

Anyone who has ever looked for love knows the dilemma. Do you make a safe, sensible match, or risk everything on the unexpected great love of your life? Musa, a sweet-natured immigrant cab driver from Egypt, and Sheri, a sassy American waitress, negotiate the twists and turns of love and cultural differences which draw them together as much as pull them apart. This complex play is the winner of the Steinberg New American Play Award.

Richard III

by William Shakespeare

Jealous and crippled, Richard of Gloucester wants to be King of England. To do so, he manipulates and deceives family and foe alike. After his brother King Edward IV dies, he murders everyone in line to the throne: his other brother Clarence, all of his nephews and all those who oppose him in becoming King Richard III.

by Jonas Hassen Khemiri

This Obie-Award winning play is a satirical comedy centered on a name: Abulkasem. What is introduced as an amorphous word of many meanings spirals and shape-shifts into a kaleidoscopic range of identities. Abulkasem is an uncle visiting from Lebanon, a renowned theater director, an asylum-seeking apple picker, the world’s most dangerous terrorist. In a whirlwind of interconnected vignettes, we search for the answer. Who is Abulkasem? With biting comedy and multilayered storytelling, INVASION! confronts prejudices about identity, race, and language.

Good Things Happen

by Martin Murray

A working class mother finds a bag of stolen money - more than she could ever hope to earn in her lifetime. But how long can she keep it a secret from her two sons?


adapted from the book by Khalil Gibran

Following Jesus' crucifixion, his mother has vanished into exile, reflecting on the conflicting contemporary views of Her son at the time of his crucifixion – not only in Jerusalem, but across the breadth of the Mediterranean world.

by Hannah Benitez

In this mystical comedy, four young adults are struggling to make sense of their rapidly approaching adulthood when they are energized by a mysterious unexplainable encounter. This magical experience pierces the darkness of their assumptions and lights their way towards personal evolution.

by James Ijames

At a church youth group meeting, four teenagers and their pastor gather to sing, discuss their lives and bond through spirituality. When a mysterious new member joins the group miracles start to occur, and the congregants must grapple with the meaning behind these remarkable events.

by David Adjmi

When the young royalty of France are thrown into a world of decadence and given powerful, luxurious role to play, they struggle to navigate the clash of society's expectations while remaining true to themselves. What happens when the political quickly becomes personal? 


Dog Sees God

by Bert V. Royal

Following the iconic beloved Peanuts characters 10 years later, they are now in high school and they are tasked with growing up much faster than anticipated. This rousing play uses its clever writing to explore what it truly means to step into adulthood.

The Bacchae

by Euripides

When Dionysus decides to return to his birthplace of Thebes to have its people worship him as god, Pentheus, the ruler of Thebes stands up to him and his suspicious tricks. The Bacchae is a timeless example of Greek Theatre that poses timeless questions about politics, power and destiny.

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